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On Tap & On The Record

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

March, 2020

If there's one thing I've been picking up on during this whole business shutdown project, it's that some owners are worried (justly so).

And a few are just as laid back as ever.

I'd say the Lazy River Tap House cued me into its owners' take on life before I ever entered the place.

Although most likely concerned for what's going down,

their approach and happy attitudes were refreshing!

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Marcos Vargas & Melissa Rabideau

Marcos Vargas & Melissa Rabideau who own and operate the LR tap house started it almost exactly a year ago. It is having its one year anniversary this March, and boy they sure got to celebrate, right?? They are one of the only businesses I've visited that's decided to completely shut its doors until this whole thing blows over.

"We are definitely looking for the silver lining and focusing on the positives & blessings."

"It will definitely have a financial impact but we trust there will be a way to survive this."

I basically forgot to ask them questions because I felt like I was just hanging out with a couple friends. You could say I got caught up in the lazy river current. Marcos and Melissa were happy and chill. And it was nice to feel like I went in trying to help, and left with friends. A few questions I did remember..

* Biggest whoops moment while learning to run your business?

"Hiring family!!" They both chime in with a little laugh. While they love their family, it's a good thing they learned this early on.

* What do you value more in people, knowledge or willingness to learn?

"A willingness to learn for sure"

They couldn't have a better tap house name. The flow of a calm river is exactly how I'd explain them. And they're taps will be flowing after this thing is all over. So make sure to get over there and give them some much needed business once you all can come out of hiding. I'll see you guys soon for some delicious brews and even better conversation. I have faith with some community love and people filling up the tap house for some of their many awesome tap activities, (Tap takeovers, Jam nights, Oh, and don't forget, Karaoke) that they're going to make it through this and end up stronger than a river.

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Marcos Vargas

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