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Loitering at Lindos

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

April, 2020

I had no idea what shape the shutdown portrait series would end up taking. I still don't. But the feedback has been loud and clear. And I think, hopefully, that I've reached the goal of bringing the community into owners' lives and businesses.

A certain place in our community feels like the actual meaning of community to me. Mexico Lindo Pasco WA has been around, and in the heart of Pasco, for the last 20 years. The restaurant owned by the Ramirez family is woven into the area, and I feel like they've done nothing but build a home and community themselves. Just visiting this place feels like you walked into your grandparents' house for a family get together. And I'm glad they let me come in to share a healthy serving of it with you.

The Ramirez family

"The first two to three days were bad. We had to cut most our staff."

And believe me, I don't think they, or anyone else, could consider their employees staff. Some of their employees have been with them for around 17 years. It's more like they had to let their family go.

Lindo is now operating with just the family and one cook. Now that they can do to-go orders, business has picked up a bit. In this shut down time, I think about how long a business can go at a low percentage of sales before they start to sink under the weight.

Lindos' Dining area sits vacant early in the pandemic lockdown 2020

They plan on being able to hire all their staff back when this is over.

"They still have a job here."

"Our number one priority is all of our employees."

* Who do you work for? Who are the people that make you want to push to run your business?


"We're motivated by the people that come in, and creating new dishes, and serving the community."

*What about this shutdown has you most concerned?

"Our employees, their well-being, health, and financial situations."

I even felt included in their group as the family worked, and Mr. Ramirez wandered in and out of our visit, cracking a joke and sharing a few laughs. For a bit, I wished I worked there. You can tell it's not what they do...

it's their life, their love, and their gift.

I got to chat with two of the Ramirez children about growing up and helping in the restaraunt.

"It definitely broke us out of our shy shell and helped teach us things we wouldn't have probably learned otherwise."

After seeing the restaurant and hanging out with the family a bit, I think that's 100% true. I can imagine it has its tough spots, but I also wished I could know what that was like.

I left thinking about when I could go back for more of that family gathering feeling.

When you sit down in Lindo for a meal, you're sitting down for so much more than that. And the next time you get to go in there for a meal, I hope you don't take that for granted.

"Making sure every customer is satisfied and leaves happy." is a priority for Mr. Ramirez

Well, I didn't even order food this time, and I left happy.

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