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  • Courtney Jette

Tap & Barrel

April, 2020

My next visit was to a local tap house that’s been around for 3 years. I can’t say I’ve seen this place before the shutdown, but I can imagine its pretty fun on a usual evening, not to mention the urban meets classy, industrial vibes it envelopes you into when you enter Tri-Cities Tap & Barrel.

Just taking a peek at their menu and to-go options (Truffle mac N cheese; creamy, green chili enchiladas) showed me they have trendy food that is definitely not in the same category as your typical tap room aps, and more of a sit and share a meal, kind of spot. I’m excited to try this place out with a few friends when socializing isn’t so taboo.

This place was truly trying to adapt to the shutdown madness, and I think about and worry about the businesses I have visited that have not been able to adapt as well. ADAPT OR DIE as they say, has never sounded so real and frightening. It’s something I’ve never seen so harshly amplified in my life. Luckily, this cozy gathering spot is doing what they can. They got a crowler machine just for the shutdown so they can get their product out their doors. It is, simply put, a canning machine for beverages. This is their first business. And they seem to be charging ahead with what they need to do to take care of business. They both grew up in the Tri-Cities, and are obviously bringing a bit more back to their community.

*What are you most worried about regarding the shutdown?

“Seeing business disappear. Most regulars come for the interaction, so that’s been hard.”

But they are seeing some of their customers pulling hard for them.

“We have lots of regulars supporting us with gift cards. Customers will come buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of gift cards and then toss them.” That right there shows you there are people out there that truly are concerned for the small businesses. and not expecting anything in return. Well, keep up keeping on Tap and Barrel. When this is all over, I hope you have a glass of Tieton Cider Works' lavender honey cider I can buy, because I’ve been looking everywhere. Cheers.

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