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Did you know, more slaves exist today than ever before in history?

40.3 million people
are estimated to be entrapped in slavery today.

(As of 2019 pre Covid19)

I had the opportunity to create art entries for the ArtxFreedom Traffickhub art show in Los Angeles, by Exodus Cry.
The Art is for ads and awareness campaigns for activism and an abolishment movement against Porn Hub, who happen to be profiting from recorded sexual assults and sex crimes streaming on their site.
Missing children have been found through many of the videos, and other trafficking victims.

Please take into consideration the content and art below contains sensitive material, and could trigger some individuals.

ArtXfreedom Contest
by Exodus Cry
Courtney Jette
Entries 2020

My piece pictured below was in the top 20, and was staff pick.
It will be in the ArtXFreedom show.

A show for the TraffickingHub movement will be held in LA, and then move to a famous slavery museum in Europe.

human trafficking, rights, activist, art
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