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I reside on the West Coast of the United States. Traveling anywhere and everywhere.
I've been looking at the world through a viewfinder since 2005, and love it. From portraits, leading into a wedding photography career, and then to my one true love, since before I first held a camera...commercial product and editorial photography.
I believe photography as a means of communication is the most important visual choice anyone or business can make.
I find it incredible we have the ability to capture a moment a second before its gone. My goal is to share the magic that it is with as many people as I can.

I think quality portrait photography should be attainable to everyone. After all, I'm not really creating anything, I'm just capturing a moment you create.

I feel portrait photography doesn't need lots of edits, memories are perfect the way they are.
Personally, I have a clean natural, type of shooting.
But, when you hire me, I work with you, to get you what you want. If you prefer edited styles, I can provide them.

portrait clients...
I don't charge extra for you to receive your images; that's weird. One set cost, and you get photographs. Simple as that.


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