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  • Courtney Jette

"14 days" has had quite the stay. Closeout SALE

That's right. As the covid shutdown is dragged out, I am ready to be done sending loved ones notes, about it. So there's a WIPEOUT SALE to finish off the Quarantine Cards and get them into the hands of your favorite people for some notes of encouragement while we find ourselves passing the anniversary of "14 days". Maybe make them laugh about the toilet paper race of 2020, or tell them a joke about working remote, maybe a cute card about quarantining, or how six feet or 600 miles apart, you're always thinking of them. Or, if this is your type of humor, send them a joke about surviving the great pandemic of 2020 with the souvenir t-shirt covid card (a current best seller).

Either way, if you're tired of the shutdown, or if you're still quarantining, it's something I think we'd all like to be long over, and now sending people encouragement is more important than ever. Checkout in my shop for 60% off of the covid card packs and singles. -CJ

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