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The Closed Lotus

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

March, 2020 The next shop is one more unique than the crystals on display there. That's right, Lotus Of The Moon in the Richland Uptown. This space and shop owner may be the most community oriented I've run into this whole time.

(And I've been to alot of places these last two weeks.) I'm going to try my best to tell you a bit about the beauty of this place and the woman who runs it.

Stephanie McCarl sits in the empty yoga studio

Just because I can't possibly explain the amazingness... I'm leaving a link to her site address right below for when you want to read more!

Just walking inside makes you feel invited to something bigger than yourself, and I definitely felt if I had stress, it didn't come in with me. Owner and operator, Stephanie McCarl, is as fun and unique as her shop's items.

On top of owning an accounting business, as well as 15 years in the business, she has a long history of working for a string of local non-profits, halfway houses, animal shelters, you name it, she's worked for it. And I'm so glad she's working for this community.

I could have talked to Stephanie for hours, genuine and ready to change the world, there's no way she wouldn't inspire you. I must admit, I was so focused I forgot to take notes. But then again, I don't think any note would be able to help me explain this place and their drive to help people.

We talked about our worries regarding people who rely on support that may be left on their own during this pandemic because of closures shutting the doors on their resources. Alcoholics, addicts, homeless, people stuck in domestic violence situations, not having access to support groups, places to escape to, or important resources they depend on. And at this point, I was not surprised to learn that she has started a non-profit for a local cause and when not locked down has her shop space available for support group meetings. Moving here originally to attend WSU, she stayed for the community and how much growth and potential it had. I'd say with her here it can only get better. Lotus seems to be a unicorn in the Tri-cities. I haven't stumbled upon a shop like it here. They have natural products for all sorts of things; until you can visit for yourselves (highly recommended), go check out their site. It is super informative and goes into further detail on just how they can help you!

Not only do they hold markets there for local artists and makers to sell on certain occasions, they strive to source products from local makers in the shop!

They also have awesome things like donation based yoga classes. The only thing you have to rush, is signing up before the classes fill up. Then you can exhale and flow your way through one of the best yoga classes in town.

I've made it to a sum total of ONE class there, even though I live within 5 minutes of The Lotus (busy body guilty). Good thing the shop is all about taking time, health and mindfulness, because I need alot more of the "slowing down" in my life. Yoga not your thing? (It should be. It helps with endurance, balance, strength, and immune system function!) No biggie. They have all sorts of classes there on an array of subjects. Creatives, yogis, spiritual hobbyists, health gurus looking to advance your abilities or looking to find yourself? They will have a class you want to check out!

I've barely touched the tip of the crystal on educational opportunities and things they offer. Most are being offered online during Covid 19 shutdown, so you can attend from home! Head to the LOTM website here

As if her shop wasn't helping people enough, she and others also started the non-profit.

Lotus of the Moon Foundation, bringing whole-self wellness into schools, organizations, healthcare centers, and businesses! If you want to look in to that check it out here!

If you have a body, mind, or spirit, that could use a little tuning up, then this is the safe, calm environment to do it in. But until you can get inside, or take an online class,

check out grabbing one of the Lotus kits!

Moon Magic Lotus Kit

They have one for each of these things : Abundance

Aura & Chakra






Moon Magic


Peace I will be trying to take more time to restore my body over at Lotus, as soon as they allow us back inside, for some donation based yoga. If I don't see you there, I'll assume you've decided that inner peace, calm energy, and overall health doesn't matter and you've decided to quarantine until you run out of instant ramen. 2,630 People Reached 473

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